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Destination guide: Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Amalfi Villas

The Amalfi Coast
Amalfi is an important tourist destination, after which the entire coast from Positano to Vietri a Mare is named

amalfi accommodation villa rentals apartments farmhouses to let self-catering On reaching Amalfi, you will be surprised to see the quaint little white houses cluttered together on the rocks, in complete contrast with the imposing, 11th century, Saint Andrew's Church, which marks the centre of the town. Around 60 steps lead up to the atrium of the Cathedral which overlooks the main square and from here you can observe a live map of the town with narrow streets shooting off in all directions, each one leading to a tiny 'piazza'.

The local people are proud of their heritage and have lovingly conserved many ancient traditions and throughout the summer they hold many historical and religious celebrations. Amalfi is also home to many museums, the Civic Museum, in the S. Benedetto monastery and the Agricultural and the Paper museums, whilst the last of the old paper mills still produces, old, elegant paper used throughout Italy for wedding invitations, business cards or as a special writing paper

It is of little wonder that Amalfi is so renowned, with a backdrop of dramatic cliffs and spectacular coastal scenery, which in the 1920's was a panorama reserved only for the rich aristocrats.