Deciding on Rentals in Italy Instead of Hotels

p>A blog discussing why Rentals in Italy are a better choice than hotels.

Choosing villa rentals in Italy over hotel accommodation has many advantages. Although many people enjoy the luxury and escape provided by hotels, many more people dislike the crowds, the hassle of broken card keys, check-in/out lines and the various hidden fees and surcharges. Wouldn’t it be simpler to rent a villa and experience what it’s like to live the real Italian way?

Rentals in Italy aren’t strictly limited to villas either. If you are perhaps not planning to spend much time around your accommodation, you can opt to rent a condo or an apartment that will still meet all your needs without providing too many excesses. The option to choose your style of accommodation also makes rentals in Italy more budget friendly and allows you to tailor your vacation to the price range you are most comfortable with.

Aside from the obvious benefits of renting a private home over a hotel, such as space, privacy and the freedom to prepare your own meals – there is also the benefit of being able to find accommodation in a variety of places. Pre-made vacation packages are often limited to a specific hotel chain or a single destination, but if you plan your own vacation, you can customize your destinations and the length of time you spend at each. There is an endless amount of breathtaking places to see, and rentals in Italy make it possible to visit these places; Sicily, the Amalfi Coast or Tuscany are all possible destinations where you can come and go at your own leisure. With rentals in Italy spread out over such diverse cities and landscapes, you know you will get a big-picture view of the whole country without being stifled by tourist infested hotels.

You are not just another tourist with a camera trying to catch some sun. No, you are likely someone who has dreamed about this vacation and planned it for years – making it original and memorable is extremely important to you. Italy has a rich heritage of culture, food and historical sites. You won’t get to take advantage of the ones you care about most if you opt for a package vacation designed by a travel agent you don’t know. Design your own holiday, one that touches on the aspects of Italy that are significant to you and consider enriching your experience by using rentals in Italy over a stuffy hotel. Think of how much more you will appreciate and be immersed in the culture when you can cook your own food and enjoy the view from your own private terrace. Having your own kitchen to work in will also give you the incentive to check out the local markets and converse with the locals, allowing you to practice your Italian too.

Planning a custom vacation is a lot of work and there are undoubtedly a million variables to consider. One thing you don’t want to have to worry about is where you’re sleeping. Hotels can be hit or miss and pre-packaged vacations often make you pay extra for day trips or cultural excursions – which are why you’ve gone through the effort to plan this time so precisely in the first place! Do yourself a favor by looking into rentals in Italy and say good bye to the run of the mill hotel experience and hello to the real Italy.

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