Discovering Amalfi Villa Rentals on the Coast

p>Highlights of the Amalfi Coast and Amalfi Villa Rentals

As you peer over the vast ocean from Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius dominates the heavens and in all its magnificent splendour seems to welcome you. Thirteen regions make up the  Amalfi Coast, stretching along to the southern coastline of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, each of which holds its own treasures and slendour.  The Amalfi Coast as a whole was declared, in 1997, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its fascinating landscape, which stretches back as early as the 10th century.  Renting an Amalfi villa for a vacation, as a home base, is the perfect way to take in the natural beauty of this magnificent stretch of coastline.

The Amalfi Coast, rich in tradition and history, offers more holiday wise than the traditional tourist destinations.  Not to be overlooked on this vacation are some of the splendid historical sites and the numerous coastal preservation sites which you easily visit from your Amalfi villa rental .

  • Cappuccini Covento
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Churches of San Salvatore del Birecto and Santa Maria Maddalena
  • Church of San Luca
  • Duomo
  • Luna Covento
  • San Giovanni del Toro
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrow
  • The Paper Museum
  • The Arsenals

The Amalfi Coast is renowned, in particular, for its production of Limoncello liqueur, produced from the lemon orchards lying along the vast slopes of along the whole of the coastal region.  Other less known products produced in the region are handmade paper & ceramica.

Traveling around the region is mostly done by boat or bus in the Amalfi Coast region.  Aside from the well developed ferry system, there are Sita buses available, and while bus tickets are not sold on the buses themselves, they are easily found in most shops.  Car travel is also possible, but roads are narrow and parking can be a problem  Scooter rentals are plentiful and provide an easy way to get around within the cities.

Ask the host of your Amalfi villa rental about transportation options in the area.

Across the Amalfi Coast region, food is traditionally Italian with exquisite local dishes and the little treats in the cafes offer tasty lemon concoctions you would never have dreamed of.  If you are really adventurous , be certain to see in the annual Lemon Festival which provides almost every possible way to enjoy lemons! Other activities to enjoy whilst in the region are the Potato Festival and the Patron Festival.

Amalfi Villa rentals  provide accommodation from couples to groups of 22. Amalfi Coast Villa Rentals has a great selection, to suit all tastes, ensuring a  comfortable home and a spectacular holiday for even the most demanding Amalfi Coast Villa Rentals offers accommodation spots in nine of the thirteen major cities throughout  the region. With Amalfi villa rentals you can expect to find in addition to  the traditional amenities,  swimming pools, WiFi Internet and many more advanced facilities

Regardless of the reason you are visiting, Amalfi Coast, activities, sights, food and adventure are sure to come your way.  Sheer enjoyment is waiting for you on this beautiful stretch of coastline in southern Italy. An Amalfi villa rental is sure to provide a fantastic home from where you can immerse yourself in the local, beauty and culture and have the experience of a life time.

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