Umbria Villa, the Perfect Vacation

There are many reasons to visit Italy, and, more so, many reasons to visit Italy based in an Umbria Villa. The best, most popular and most important reasons are included herein.

The province of Umbria, despite being the smallest, is still one of the most beautiful places in the world to vacation. Finding an Umbria Villa for your next vacation spot would only bring up the question of how quiet and relaxing you want the vacation to be. This  lesser known corner of Italy is perhaps one of the best places to enjoy a quiet and warm winter. It is the only landlocked (not bordering with the sea) province of Italy, but it is far from dry and not without its beaches. It is far from the major population centers of Italy, but still rich in history and geography. It is the smallest of Italian provinces with a population of approximately 900,000 people.

The capital of Umbria is Perugia, with a total population of about 170,000 people. Some small towns and cities in North America are larger, but this does not detract from its beauty and history. Hoards of people do not make a vacation spot great, though the people living there will. . An Umbria Villa could be found within this beautiful, historical, city for less than the monthly rent in some of the largest North American cities. Without the bluster and hustle of traffic to contend with, you might wonder why such a beautiful city is not the vacationing hot spot of the world’s elite. Do not let it worry you, for the lack of people means a unique and special vacation that will provide unequaled bragging rights.

Throughout the centuries, poets such as Lord Byron and Giosue Carducci have referred to Umbria as The Green Heart of Italy. An Umbria Villa shares the beauty of the heart of Italy, along with one of the largest lakes in  Italy: Lake Trasimeno. This lake is a nature preserve good for fishing and swimming, with bicycle trails and cross country trails giving  visitors to discover the entire circumference of the lake. Throughout the years, the average low for temperatures often does not reach below zero, and the lake is excellent for swimming between May and September.

Umbria is a hilly and mountainous area famous for its wines, tobacco, olive oil and truffles. Umbria produces 45% of Italy’s black truffle stock. Take a little luxury ack to your Umbria Villa and add a little luxury to any dish  and dash it on anything.  be sure to grab a couple jars of truffle oil to take home as they are an expensive commodity in North America, but widely available in Umbria.

While vacationing in an Umbria Villa, there are still many architectural wonders and sights to see like The Cathedral of Orvieto, a 14th century Roman Catholic cathedral in the stunning Gothic architectural style. A fun fact about the cathedral is that the groundbreaking occurred in 1290 but was not finished for 301 years. An architectural wonder, this is a must-see for anyone staying in an Umbria Villa.

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