What to Experience outside of Your Tuscany Rental

Highlights of Tuscany vacations for those staying in a Tuscany rental.

Tuscany is the heart of the Italian Renaissance as well as the crème de la crème of art, architecture, cuisine, wine and history. The regional capital is Florence, and while Florence has much to offer in Tuscany, there are six Tuscan cities declared World Heritage Sites, and include 120 nature preserves. A Tuscany rental is the perfect place to start your journey into all that Tuscany has to offer. Northern Tuscany is bordered by the Mediterranean where a coastal dream holiday location that awaits you.

Rich in history, art, culture, a Tuscany rental offers travellers a place from which to immerse in splendid architecture, exquisite food and wines and a culture spanning the ages; this is where one can relax in a gorgeous setting, a place to become acquainted with European culture. With its history firmly rooted in the arts, you will find this evident in the churches, galleries, museums and buildings throughout the region.

Fruit, vegetables, legumes, bread cheese, wine, olive oil etc., all locally produced, are the mainstay of the Tuscan diet. Chianti, the most famous of the locally produced wines and is only the tip of the wine list you will find in Tuscany. With 20 regions of grape growers across Italy, there are well over 250 wines produced under such names as Valpollicela, Rossi, Colli and Montepulciano. Ask your Tuscany rental host about their wine of choice.

With many properties located in Chianti, Lucca, Arezzo and Cortona, Siena, Florence and Grosseto, Tuscany rentals offers a luxurious choice ranging from one bedroom city centre apartments in Tuscany, cosy getaway for two, villas to sleep larger families and groups to 17th century castles, , all of which offer modern, home from home, comforts .

Once settled into your Tuscany rental, take time to unwind from the frenetic pace of everyday life. Relax and enjoy your food the scenery, the beaches and fresh air. You can also let yourself get carried away in the sheer delight of the local markets .

Tuscany also has a renowned textile and garment industry, which is the heart of Italian fashion and is highly regarded for its quality textiles. Shops line the streets in the fashion district of Florence boasting their garments and rolls of fabric inviting shoppers to adorn their wardrobe with the latest in Italian fashions.

Getting around Tuscany can also become a part of your holiday as bike rentals and scooter rentals are plentiful and inexpensive a great alternative to taxis, regional bus transportation and car rentals, which are available in all major centres. Also a well-developed railway system is available to carry you through Tuscany and even further afield at reasonable fares.

Tours of vineyards and wineries, art schools, churches and cathedrals, museums, art galleries and the local culture are all just a step away from your Tuscany rental villa. However, off the beaten path of tourism, fishing and sailing, a simple strolli through the ancient streets taking in the local architecture, photographing the picturesque Mediterranean coast from some of its highest points, can all be part of your fabulous getaway to this wonderful region of Tuscany.

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