Destination guide: Arezzo in Tuscany Italy

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The town of Arezzo
Arezzo founded by the Etruscans (once Aretium) is a beautiful Medieval town in Tuscany, between Florence and Rome, among the hills at 296 m above sea level, it lies on an extensive plateau on the edge of the Val di Chiana, it's historic centre is rich in culture, artistic and architectural treasures from the Vasari Lodges to the Piero della Francesca frescoes, the Romanesque Pieve, Petrarch, Guido Monaco and Michelangelo. The highest part of Arezzo in appearance is medieval and unspoilt by other buildings from later periods.

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The Chimera, a bronze statue from Etruscan times dating back to the V century B.C. has become the symbol of the town.
In Roman hands (IV-III century) Arezzo was under great development and many Roman remains can be seen in Archaeological museum in Via Margaritone overlooking the vast space of the Roman Amphitheatre. In the museum, you will find Greek and Roman vases and Aretine ceramics: the typical coral vases for which Arezzo was famous during the Roman period.Roman and Greek Etruscan, Italic, coins, Bronzes form Etruscan and Roman times, remains of the of the Amphitheatre

The ANTIQUE FAIR takes place in Piazza San Francesco, Piazza Grande and the Logge Vasari,
For over twenty years, the first Saturday and Sunday of the month about 20.000 people visit the fair each year.

is in the heart of the city and centre of the medieval city and Aretine life, here La Giostra del Saracino takes place the 1st Sunday in June and September. La Giostra is a tournament between where the four regions of Arezzo challenge each other with knights horseback and ancient spears.- ancient local traditions, costume and culture are re-lived each year during the tournament, which has an ethnical value.

In Piazza Grande you can see Vasari's Logge which was built in the late Renaissance period (Vasari born in 1511 was a painter, historian architect and writer). and many other ancient buildings such as the Palazzo Lappoli, The Law Courts, The Lay Fraternity Building, Palazzo Cofani, the medieval steps of the Vicolo dell'Arco links the Logge of Vasari to Piazza del Praticino and to many other medieval streets and squares.

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