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Destination guide: Ligura & Cinque Terre

Liguria & cinque terre villa rentals

The Liguria & cinque terre region

Liguria stretches westward along the coast from the French border to La Spezia, with a fabulous dropback of mountains separating it from Piedmont to the north, Emilia Romagna to the east and Tuscany to the south, this stretch of picturesque coastline, suspended between the intense blue of the sea and the green mountains.
Liguria is a land of contrasts with fashionable seaside resorts, promenades lined with palm trees and terraces of bougainvillaea, pastel coloured houses, sandy & pebble beaches, rocky coves, stretches of rugged and desolate coastline with lush lemon groves, almond and pine trees and endless explosion of flowers, for which Liguria is renowned.

The Cinque Terre (meaning five lands) is the name given to five small villages along the Ligurian coast, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.
Corniglia sits high on a cliff one thousand feet above the sea whilst the other four villages are lower down near the sea.
Until the 1960's, the villages were not accessible by road and so were very isolated but still today they have managed to keep the "Old World charm" and peacefulness of the ages, with tiny narrow streets and interesting ancient buildings. In most areas of these 5 little gems car access is not allowed. You can reach the Cinque Terre by car or train or boat.

No traveller to Liguria should miss Portofino, a very pretty ancient, fishing village of stunning natural beauty, has long been fashionable with what we once called 'the jet set' and has now become the home of many rich and famous people and their elegant yachts. A place of timeless glamour & beauty.



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